Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm in a yarn phase. And a new project phase. Hopefully I can get myself into a nice completion phase shortly and avoid getting buried in works in progress (WIPs).

I started slowly building up my Ravelry notebook this weekend, but it's going to take a good long time to fill in the stash and projects. I have to ask myself whether complete honesty about those to things is a good idea. Sure, it might help me to be more frugal, using existing stash and yarn from abandoned projects. But I'm not so sure that frugality is really the point. It's not that I'm rolling in the dough (more like rolling in the yarn!). Really it's about the entertainment I get from all these projects, the relationships I get to build with other knitters, and the pleasure of sharing the results, whether finished or not.

This week has been fairly productive in my knitting life. I made quick work of a Very Warm Hat (Elizabeth Zimmerman's pattern) for my sister. I'm nearing completion of the epic sweater for my dad (more on that later). I finished my first Yarn Harlot basic sock (knit-along here) and started the second. And I got pretty far along on the Hemlock Ring Doily Throw thanks to a late night binge-- I just love the pattern.

Soon I'll be heading to my hometown for a quick visit with my parents, and the ceremonious delivery of the epic sweater. With a couple of layovers, there should be a good bit of knitting done. Perhaps some finishing... or not.


Debra said...

I'm not a huge fan of IK's "Favorite Socks" for beginners because the patterns don't directly lend themselves for changes in size. You have to know what you're doing to up/downsize most of these designs. (Exception is P.G-R's pattern in the book)

I think this book can lead to frustration-- unless the new sock knitter has the average women's foot size nearly all of the patterns lean toward, and her gauge is right on.

riamiabead said...

Your funny! I'm rollin' in the yarn too, just got some yummy "Nirvana" (50% Cashmere, 50% silk) yarn from to dye and make my dream sweater from... mmmm, I'm drooling, 'scuse me while I go wipe my chin.

Amanda H said...

Debra, that's a good point. My first socks were from a pattern that was re-published in Favorite Socks. When I started them I was very skeptical that I could knit socks, but they worked out. I'm actually wearing them today. But I'm sure you're right about it not having very flexible patterns. It might help SITC's newest knitter if you posted your thoughts in reply to her post. I'm guessing that she's more likely to see them there.